Give Your Home an Update You'll Love

We offer kitchen remodeling services and more in the Bedford, OH area

A&R Home Remodeling LLC makes turning the home that you have into the one that you want easy in the Bedford, OH area. We provide a full range of remodeling services while drawing from more than 10 years of experience.

You can hire us for your:

Kitchen remodeling project like replacing appliances and adding a backsplash
Bathroom remodeling project like updating plumbing fixtures and installing a tile floor
Bedroom remodeling project like painting walls and replacing the floor
Basement remodeling project like adding lighting and installing trim
Attic remodeling project like replacing insulation and finishing walls

You can even remodel an entire floor with our team. Contact us now to discuss the remodeling you have in mind, like kitchen remodeling.

We bring many services under one roof

When you remodel with some companies, you have to find more professionals to handle demolition, plumbing or electrical work. Fortunately, we offer those services, so you don't have to keep looking for contractors or coordinate work between different companies. Plan your whole bathroom remodeling project or other project to us right away.